2017 UK Travel Incident

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The 2017 UK Travel Incident was a travel disaster that affected the three Kentucky teams on their way home from ACF Fall at Ohio State.


After an eventful afternoon round of play at 2017 ACF Fall, the Div. II B and C teams decided to leave before the A team played its disadvantaged final against Michigan State in order to eat in Cincinatti. After being defeated and accepting their runner-up prize, the A team returned to the Neil Street parking garage to find that one of B team's cars had suffered a trip-ending disaster.

The Incident

Upon discovering the oil was low, antifreeze was accidentally poured into the car's oil pan, rendering it unsafe to start. Arguments proceeded about how to fix the situation. It was first decided to let the oil settle while the team ate an unscheduled dinner in Columbus at a sketchy pizza joint. Next, several team members traveled in Austin Smith's car to Walmart in order to acquire fresh oil and draining pans. Alex Roider and Jacob Ollier made heroic efforts to change the oil, jacking the front up and wrestling with a stuck bolt for nearly a half hour. They were forced to conclude that the problem was unfixable with the tools on hand, and a tow truck had to be called. Neelav Dutta left around 10 PM with all four Freshmen in tow. President Riggs and Treasurer Sanchez elected to stay with the stranded vehicle and its owner until a friend could arrive to give them passage as far south as Cincinnati. The last stragglers returned to Lexington around 6 AM.