2017 ACF Fall

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2017 ACF Fall
Competition season 2017-18
Series ACF Fall
Head editor(s) Jonathan Magin
Difficulty College easy
First mirror November 4, 2017
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2017 ACF Fall was held over the weekend of November 4th, 2017, at eighteen regional sites, including two high school-only mirrors. Two other high school-only sites were planned (in Maryland and Texas) but later canceled due to a lack of interest. The tournament was head-edited by Jonathan Magin, who was assisted by Bruce Lou, Evan Lynch, Ashwin Ramaswami, Ryan Rosenberg, and Jennie Yang.

Results (Collegiate Sites)

Regional Host TD Winner Runner-Up Individual High Scorer Statistics
New England MIT Clare Keenan Harvard A Amherst Eric Lu [1]
Mid-Atlantic Maryland Sarang Yeola Johns Hopkins C Johns Hopkins A Ryan Bilger [2]
South Atlantic Virginia Tech Eric Chang Virginia A Duke Annabelle Yang [3]
Southeast Florida Taylor Harvey New College of Florida Florida A Yonathan Stone [4]
South Central Georgia Tech Justin Htay Georgia A Auburn Sam Ferguson [5]
South Texas Delaynie Fritz Tulane A Texas A&M A Vankata Muthyala [6]
Pacific Northwest Washington Jefferson Van Wagenen Washington A Oregon A Daniel Hothem [7]
Southern California Caltech Henry Baer UC San Diego B UCLA Amol Patil [8]
Northern California Stanford Jennie Yang UC Berkeley A UC Berkeley D Keoni Rodriguez [9]
North Minnesota Unknown St. Olaf Minnesota B Andrew Salij [10]
Great Lakes Ohio State Chris Ray Michigan State A Kentucky B Jakob Myers [11]
Midwest Illinois Brad Maclaine Chicago A Illinois A Kai Smith [12]
Mountain West Colorado Matt Mitchell Kansas State A Colorado A Zachary Arnberger [13]
Canada Ottawa Shervin Ghiami Carleton University Waterloo Dennis Beeby [14]
United Kingdom Warwick Emily Wolfenden Cambridge A Oxford A Harris Bunker [15]

Results (High School Sites)

Regional Host TD Winner Runner-Up Individual High Scorer Statistics
Illinois Northern Illinois Alec Krueger and Anna Phillips Detroit Catholic Central A Wayzata Ethan Strombeck [16]
Northern California Valley Christian Nicholas Karas "Guilder" Davis Ethan Skinner [17]

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