Arya Karthik

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Arya Karthik
Noted subjects Science, Literature, Fine Arts, Generalism
Current college Georgia Tech (2022-)
High school Lambert (2018-2022)
HSQB profile etotheipi
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Arya Karthik is a player for Georgia Tech, and an alum of Lambert High School in Georgia, noted for their strong generalism and scaling ability.

High School

Karthik led Lambert to a T-19th finish at the 2021 HSNCT and an 8th-place finish at the 2021 NSC, where they led the field in scoring and power count as a junior.

In 2022, they helped Lambert improve to a T-15th finish at HSNCT before repeating as NSC leading scorer en route to winning Lambert's first ever national championship at the 2022 NSC. They also were the top scorer on the Georgia NASAT team that placed 2nd at the 2021 NASAT, where they once again led the field in scoring.


Arya made an immediate impact on the collegiate circuit at Georgia Tech, propelling the team to a 4th-place finish at the inaugural IQBT Undergraduate Championship and a 5th place finish at 2023 ICT. They were on the winning team at 2023 ACF Nationals, where they won an All-Star scoring award and kept the team on course for the playoffs while unexpected travel delays kept Matt Bollinger from the tournament for most of the prelims.


Arya was a major contributor to the Southeast-Midwest Housewrite, writing a large number of questions for the set. They also served as a subject editor for 2023 Chicago Open.

Scoring Title Succession

NSC Leading Scorer
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Ethan Strombeck
2021, 2022