2023 ACF Nationals

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2023 ACF Nationals
Champion Georgia Tech A
Runner-up Chicago A
Third Cornell A
Fourth WUSTL A
High scorer Matt Jackson
Undergrad Champion Yale
Undergrad Runner-up Brown
Undergrad High scorer Hari Parameswaran
Site MIT
Field 48
Stats [1]

The 2023 ACF Nationals was hosted by ACF at MIT.

It was head-edited by Taylor Harvey, with Caroline Mao, Will Nediger, William Golden, Grant Peet, Michael Kearney, Hasna Karim, Adam Silverman, Jonathen Settle, Vivian Malouf, Sameer Apte, and Ganon Evans subject-editing.

After winning a play-in game against Cornell, Georgia Tech A, led by Matt Bollinger, won two games in a disadvantaged final against Chicago A to take the title. In doing so, they became the most recent back-to-back ACF champion, ending an eleven-year period in which no team successfully defended its ACF title (which Yale did in 2012).

In another repeat, Yale defeated Brown to take the undergraduate title. WUSTL B took the DII championship.


  • Due to unanticipated "travel hell" [2], Bollinger was unable to arrive at the tournament until Georgia Tech A had already played five rounds of prelims. The team went 6-1 in the prelims, taking a loss to Duke (which ultimately carried over into playoff standings) while Bollinger was absent.
  • Chicago A and Chicago B both went undefeated in their respective prelim brackets. This is the first time a single school has fielded two teams that went undefeated in the prelims at a collegiate national championship. [citation needed]
  • Cornell secured its first Top-4 finish at ACF Nationals, after it went 5-2 in the prelims and won a tiebreaker against North Carolina (also 5-2) to advance. It got to do this because North Carolina took a loss to Iowa State, then tied Chicago B in the regular game and lost on the tiebreaker tossup. If Chicago B had lost that game, they and UNC would have gone 6-1, which would have pushed Cornell into the second playoff bracket (and a maximum potential finish of 13th place).
  • This was the fourth national championship to have a finals in which Matts Bollinger and Jackson played against each other (the previous three were 2012 ACF Nationals, 2013 ICT, and 2014 ICT).