All-American Invitational

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A tournament run from 1988 to 1989, sponsored by the Independent Buzzer Association, the precursor to ACF, as their national championship. The 1988 event was hosted by Emory, the 1989 by Tennessee. The tournament was replaced in 1991 by ACF Nationals.


AAI Date Champion Second Third Fourth Editor Field size Notes
1988 AAI April 15-16, 1988 Georgia Tech A Emory A Kent State NC State Carol Guthrie & Don Windham (wrote tournament) Georgia Tech B finished fifth. Other participants were Tennessee, Wisconsin, GWU, Chicago, Beloit, Florida, Idaho, Auburn, Berry, Florida State, and Armstrong State. Victor Rosenberg of Kent State was named MVP, and the other all-stars were Jim Dendy of Georgia Tech A, Robert Trent of Tennessee, Chuck Wessell of NC State, and Mike Barkin of Emory.
1989 AAI April 14-15, 1989 Georgia Tech A Georgia Tech B