Barron Robinson Memorial Invitational

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The Barron Robinson Memorial Invitational (formerly the Springfield Invitational) is a tournament hosted by Springfield High School. It is held in January and directed by Dave Adkins.


Year Question Source # of teams Champion Second Third Fourth
2008 Varsity ??? 8 Quincy Bloomington Glenwood Mahomet-Seymour
2008 Frosh/Soph ??? 8 Glenwood Bloomington Quincy Mahomet-Seymour
2009 Varsity ??? 24 Litchfield Springfield Quincy Glenwood
2009 Frosh/Soph ??? 24 Macomb Glenwood Jacksonville Dunlap
2010 Varsity NAQT IS-92 24 Litchfield New Berlin PORTA Champaign Centennial
2010 Frosh/Soph NAQT IS-91A 24 Glenwood Springfield Macomb Champaign Centennial
2011 Varsity NAQT IS-102 28 Glenwood Macomb Springfield Champaign Centennial
2011 Frosh/Soph NAQT IS-99A 28 Glenwood Macomb Jacksonville Springfield