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The Harvard Fall Tournament, or HFT, is the house-written high school quiz bowl tournament held by the Harvard College Bowl Team each fall. Along with the BHSAT produced by Yale, the HFT question set is considered to be of the premier regular-plus high school housewrites.

Stuyvesant High School (NY) won the first HFT on October 14, 2006. Walt Whitman High School (MD) won the second edition on November 10, 2007. Kyle Haddad-Fonda served as chief editor for both tournaments and as tournament director for the first; Dennis Sun was tournament director for the second.

The third annual HFT, edited by Andy Watkins and Kyle Haddad-Fonda, was held at Harvard on November 15, 2008. State College won an advantaged final against Hunter to win the tournament; the margin of victory was just twenty points in each game. Mirrors were held at VCU (won by Walter Johnson over Maggie Walker), Rockford Auburn, Raleigh Charter, and the Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School. The fourth and fifth HFTs were edited and directed by Dallas Simons and Andy Watkins. The seventh HFT was head edited and directed by Stephen Liu, and the eighth was co-edited by Liu and Will Holub-Moorman.

Raynor Kuang head-edited the 2016 and 2017 editions of the tournament. HFT remains one of the most widely-mirrored high school housewrites ever, with over 200 teams playing the 2016 edition at 13 different sites.


Year Head Editor Champion Second Third Fourth
2006 Stuyvesant Kellenberg A High Tech Needham A
2007 Walt Whitman Dorman State College A Thomas Jefferson A
and Stuyvesant
2008 Dallas Simons and Andy Watkins State College Hunter Gonzaga Brookwood
2009 Dallas Simons and Andy Watkins State College A Dunbar A Hunter Kellenberg A
2010 LASA A State College Dorman Thomas Jefferson A
(unaffiliated with school)
2011 Dorman Hunter A
and Detroit Catholic Central
Thomas Jefferson A Seven Lakes
2012 LASA B** LASA A** St. John's A
and Hunter A
2013 DCC St. Joseph A (NJ) Kellenberg A Ridgewood
2014 State College A Wilmington Charter A Bethlehem Central Dorman A
2015 Raynor Kuang and Robert Chu Bethlehem Central Lexington A AMSA A Charter A
2016 Raynor Kuang and Robert Chu Southside A Hunter A Lexington A Wayzata A
2017 Raynor Kuang DCC A Hunter A Lehigh Valley Hoover A
2018 Jon Suh DCC A Lexington A Hunter A Greens Farms Academy
2019 Jon Suh Acton-Boxborough Lexington A Belmont A Kellenberg A


Host Date Teams Champion Second Third Fourth
UCSD 11/13/10 17 Torrey Pines B La Jolla A Torrey Pines A La Jolla B
UCSD 11/21/09 18 Torrey Pines A La Jolla A University Rancho Bernardo B
Walt Whitman 11/13/10 24 Maggie Walker A Georgetown Day St. Anselm's Wilmington Charter A
Central Gwinnett 12/05/09 19 Southside A Southside B Brookwood A Westminster
NYU 2/29/20 18 Millburn A East Brunswick B Hunter A East Brunswick A

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