John Marvin

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John Marvin
Noted subjects Christian and Buddhist thought/practice, philosophy (especially of mathematics/logic), architecture and other fine arts, jazz
Current college Chicago (2019-)
Past colleges Boston College (2014-2018)
High school Portsmouth Christian (-2014)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

John Marvin is a Ph.D student in Philosophy and Philosophy of Religions [sic] at the University of Chicago, having completed an MA in Philosophy of Religions there in 2021. As an undergraduate, he led a grassroots team at Boston College, having escaped the speed check-based New Hampshire circuit (a trajectory he shares with his former high school rivals Graham Reid, Tim Morrison, and Jordan Brownstein).

John's writing credentials include heavy writing contributions to 2018 NASAT and PIANO, and head-editorship (with fellow editors Jason Golfinos, Wonyoung Jang, Clark Smith, and Adam Fine) of the CMST II open tournament.

He likes jazz, and spends most of his non-academic time playing jazz piano.