Boyang Jiao

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Boyang Jiao
Noted Subjects:
Ancient and Modern History (but nothing in between), Other
Current Collegiate Team Amherst (2014-2016, 2018-)
Past Collegiate Teams None
High School Team Arcadia (2010-2014)
Middle School Team None

Boyang Jiao plays for Amherst and previously for Arcadia. He was on team California at the 2013 NASAT and was lead scorer on both the T-33rd 2013 HSNCT team of Jason Cheng and Corry Wang and the T-5th 2014 HSNCT team of Kevin Wang and Justin Nghiem.

In college, Boyang joined Kevin and Corry at Amherst, where they helped lead Amherst to prominence as a top bracket contender. After taking three semesters off, he returned to Amherst in the spring of 2018 and played on the Amherst teams at the 2018 ICT and 2018 ACF Nationals. He later played on the Amherst team which took second-place undergraduate and tenth-place overall at the 2019 ICT and came in 15th at 2019 ACF Nationals.

Boyang is currently taking more time off before finishing his final semester. Some say, late at night, you can still hear him out in them thar hills, negging Chinese dynasties. One day, he will return.