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CaTO/TaCO (Cameron and Tommy Open/Tommy and Cameron Open) was a tournament held on August 9, 2009 as a side event to the 2009 VCU Open. It was written primarily by Tommy Casalaspi and Cameron Orth, though other freelance submissions were sought from such writers as Jeff Hoppes, Shantanu Jha, and Brendan Byrne. It was fairly well-received, for a tournament produced by two high schoolers early in their careers, but it is perhaps best remembered for its failure to follow through on the promises made in its announcement, most notably the claims of providing "15 packets" in "ACF format with a similar distribution". It actually offered only seven packets, plus one taken from the previous day's VCU Open, and despite attempts by Jonathan Magin and others to downplay the tournament's distributional irregularities, an exhaustive analysis by Rob Carson, posted upon the much-delayed release of the packets, confirmed attendees' impressions of excessive literature and little mythology.