Will Butler

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Will Butler
Noted Subjects:
Science, Science Fiction, Incans
Current Collegiate Team
Past Collegiate Teams Virginia (2007-2011)

Georgia Tech (2011-2013)

High School Team Maggie Walker (2004-2007)
Middle School Team None

Will Butler is a quizbowl player who formerly played for University of Virginia and Georgia Tech. In 2007 he took third place at the EFT2 playing solo; in more recent years he played several tournaments with Matt Bollinger and Sarah Angelo, but did not get to play the 2011 ICT or 2011 ACF Nationals.

Will writes, edits, and works technology for HSAPQ.

High School

Will attended Maggie Walker and started playing on the A team about half way through 2006. That year he helped the team to a third place at both NAQT and PACE. The next year he led Maggie Walker to both titles, receiving numerous top 10 scoring titles along the way.