Carsten Gehring

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Carsten Gehring
Noted Subjects:
Mainly Babbitt and Erewhon
Current Collegiate Team Carleton College (2009-)
Past Collegiate Teams
High School Team Wayzata High School (2005-2008)
Middle School Team None

Carsten Gehring is a student at Carleton College and a member of PACE and HSAPQ. He has been active in Minnesota quiz bowl since his freshman year of high school at Wayzata High School.


Carsten became the first sophomore elected to Carleton team leadership for the 2009-2010 season, serving along with then-juniors Austin Bell and Andreas Stoehr. The following year, those three led the team again, with Carsten serving as Treasurer. Carsten will serve again Treasurer under President Frank Firke for the 2011-2012 season.

High School

Carsten spent his first two years of Quiz Bowl trying to figure out how to play. By his junior year, he attained a spot on his A team on a somewhat random basis, due to people's assumption that he knew literature. The summer after his junior year, he opened himself up to the world of quiz bowl, attending Andrew Hart's summer practices as well as team and multi-team practices. Carsten also went to ACE Quiz Bowl Camp with his teammate Mitu. Here he met Chris Ray, who nearly killed Carsten's hand by giving an hour's worth of notes on Japan in 15 minutes. His senior year, he had a permanent spot on his A team, still due to people's assumption that he knew literature, which was really limited to Babbit and some Vonnegut works.