Claire Jones

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Claire Jones
Noted subjects history, choral music, Britcon
Current college Chicago (2021-)
Past colleges Princeton (2014-2015), Oxford (2018-2020)
High school St. John's (2010-2014)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Claire Jones is an Ph.D student in history at the University of Chicago. In high school, she was a key member of the Chris Romero-coached St. John's team that placed 2nd at 2014 HSNCT and 3rd at 2014 NSC. After playing a bit but mostly doing non-quizbowl things at Princeton, she returned to the game via the British quizbowl community while pursuing a master's degree at Oxford.

At Chicago, Jones was a pivotal player on the team that placed 2nd at 2023 ACF Nationals, and got the only first-line buzz of that tournament's finals sequence (on the novel Brick Lane); in the following year, she negged only once on the championship team at 2024 ICT Division I and only twice on the championship team at 2024 ACF Nationals.

She is known to confuse moderators by pronouncing Portuguese names accurately.