Dave Letzler

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Dave Letzler
Noted subjects Literature, Trash, Fine Arts
Current college Temple (2006–2008)
Past colleges Williams (2003–2006)
High school Baldwin Senior High School (2001–2002)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Dave Letzler was an English graduate student at Temple University, where he captained their quizbowl team. He was previously a member of the Williams quizbowl team, which he captained his junior and senior years.

Playing Career

After spending his high school career in the quizbowl wasteland of Long Island, Letzler joined the Williams quizbowl team in 2002–2003. His most notable achievements came his senior year, where he revived the defunct Lemur Bowl trash tournament, took Williams to what may have been their first three ACF events, helped win the 2006 NAQT ICT Undergraduate Championship, and developed an uninteresting feud with Dan Passner. That summer, he finished second in the Chicago Open Classical Name That Tune competition.

He attempted to go into semi-retirement at the start of 2006–2007, only competing as part of an exhibition team at Penn Bowl, but by fall 2007 that attempt finally collapsed when he founded the Temple quizbowl team.

Tournament writing

Letzler wrote nearly a third of the 2007 Chicago Open Literature Tournament, and slightly under a quarter of the 2007 Illinois Open Literature Tournament. He was also a freelance question writer for NAQT.

Letzler contributed to Imaginary Landscape No. 1 and No. 2.