Illinois Open Literature Tournament

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The 2007 Illinois Open Literature Tournament was a literature-only tournament played on Saturday night after the 2007 Illinois Open. The tournament was edited and largely written by Andrew Hart, with contributions by Dave Letzler, Ted Gioia, Chris Borglum, Dennis Jang, Rob Carson, Chris Ray, Quentin Roper, and Eric Kwartler.


Six teams, mostly comprised of two people, competed in the tournament. Jonathan Magin and Rom Masrour cleared the field by two games after beating Seth Teitler and Gautam Kandlikar in the first game of a two-game advantaged final. Matt Weiner and Mike Sorice beat Jerry Vinokurov and Eric Mukherjee in a single-game third-place match of 36 questions played on the final two packets. Stats can be found here.

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