Division I and Division II

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Division II is a designation used in in collegiate quizbowl. The exact definition varies (NAQT has one definition and ACF has another) but essentially, a player is eligible for Division II if he or she has relatively little experience or success in collegiate quizbowl (though he or she may have extensive experience in high school and/or middle school quizbowl). A team is eligible for Division II if all of its players are eligible for Division II.

Division I generally indicates any collegiate quiz bowl team that is not eligible for Division II (even though it may contain Division II-eligible players). In theory, a Division II-eligible team can choose to play in Division I, but that is seldom done.

Unlike NCAA divisions, division status is a function of the specific players on a specific team, not of a school. A school can generally enter one or more Division I teams and also one or more Division II teams.

NAQT Sectional Championship Tournaments and ICT have separate competitions for each division, with Division II playing on easier questions, provided that there are enough teams in each division (which for the ICT is essentially guaranteed). ACF Regionals and Nationals have all teams play together on the same questions, but give some separate awards. Few or no other tournaments use the Division I/Division II notion.