Dorman Cavalier Academic Challenge

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The Dorman Cavalier Academic Challenge is a really big tournament hosted by Dorman. Until recently it was a four quarter format tournament.

Year # of Teams Champion Second Semifinalist Semifinalist Results
2016 XXVI 35 Dunbar A Southside A Russell James Island [1]
2015 XXV 54 Chattahoochee A Chattahoochee B Spartanburg A Woodford A [2]
2014 XXIV 53 Chattahoochee Ezell Harding Russell Southside A [3]
2013 XXIII 84 Chattahoochee Dunbar A duPont Manual B New Kent [4]
2012 XXII 60 Ezell-Harding Dunbar A Baconton Charter Brookwood
2011 XXI 89 duPont Manual A Dunbar A Chattahoochee Norcross
2010 XX 95 Southside Dunbar Brookwood Ezell-Harding
2009 XIX 105 Chattahoochee Brookwood Dunbar James Island
2008 XVIII 68 Chattahoochee A Dunbar Ezell-Harding Russell
2007 XVII 137 Danville Chattahoochee Raleigh Charter Norcross
2006 XVI 119 Walton Brookwood duPont Manual Dunbar B
2003 XV N/A James Island Brookwood Dunbar Parkview
2002 XIV N/A James Island Brookwood Dunbar Parkview