Enoch Yuen

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Enoch Yuen
Enoch Yuen.jpg
Enoch Yuen at 2023 ACF Regionals
Noted subjects Literature, Geography, Art, Biology
Current college Imperial (2020-present)
Past colleges Cambridge (2018-2019)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Enoch Lok Him Yuen has been playing for the Imperial A team since he started at Imperial in 2020. He is the only Imperial member that contributes to all Imperial’s victories in non-novice tournaments so far. He helped Imperial to clinch their first quizbowl title in the 28-team British mirror of Southeast-Midwest Housewrite tournament with Imperial A teammates Michael Kohn, Felix Swift Roberts and Richard Brooks.

Enoch with his Imperial A teammates Michael Mays, Justin Lee and Adam Jones enjoyed considerable success in UK tournaments. They won the 2023 British Student Quiz Championships, providing Imperial with its first ever BSQC title. A recording of the final was uploaded to YouTube. They also won the British mirrors of all college quizbowl tournaments in 2023 until the end of that academic year, which include ARCADIA, ACF Regionals, C++, and MRNA. Enoch also won the British mirror of BHSU 2023, a “nationals-minus" difficulty open tournament with Evan Lynch, Mark Grant and Michael.

Enoch, Michael, Justin, along with the newly-joined Nilai Sarda, secured the victory at ARCADIA 2023 in December. This win marked their success in winning all the UK college quizbowl tournaments they participated in 2023, attaining 61 victories out of 63 matches across those tournaments.

Enoch helped Imperial to qualify for the 2022 ACF Nationals alongside Michael, Felix, and Justin. However, due to travel issues, he couldn't attend the competition in-person. In 2023, Enoch once again helped Imperial to qualify for ACF Nationals and participated in the MIT-held competition that year with teammates Michael, Carlos Doebeli, and Rahim Dina.

Brought together by their enjoyable experiences in college quizbowl, Enoch, Michael, Justin and Adam established the team 3HK1MM (as Enoch, Justin and Adam are from Hong Kong) with intentions to continue competing in quizzing tournaments beyond graduation. They secured 3rd place in the UK-mirrored open tournament Penn Bowl 2022 and finished 2nd in Penn Bowl 2023, narrowly losing to the eventual champions, Scottish, Irish, Both, or Neither, by the smallest margin of 5 points. In both Penn Bowls, they were the highest-ranked student-only team.

He performs better in harder tournaments, and although he studies Biological Sciences at Imperial and Business Management at Cambridge, his favourite topic is Geography (he is a member of the Travelers' Century Club) and his specialist subject is World Literature.