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Ball So Hard University (stylized as BHSU) is an open academic and trash team.


Ball So Hard University ostensibly first appeared as a quizbowl affiliation in the announcement thread for 2013 ACF Regionals, when Chris Ray listed Rob Carson's affiliation as Ball So Hard University. Later in the thread, Carson carelessly referred to the ostensible school as "BHSU", which Seth Teitler was the first to point out. The acronym stuck, not least out of a desire to honor a deserved roasting from the normally mild-mannered Teitler.

In the same forums thread, Rob Carson coined the team's nickname, "Fightin' Typos."

The name is a reference to Terrell Suggs. Some people who have played on BHSU have done so wearing shirts for Black Hills State University.


The following people have played at least one tournament on a BHSU team: