High school teams in collegiate tournaments

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At the time of the writing of the original page, some strong high school teams competed in collegiate tournaments for extra challenge. Nowadays, it is common occurrence for even second tier teams to compete at college events or on college level packets. The following is very likely an incomplete list of high school teams that have won a college tournament:

Tournament Year Champion Location
1994 1994 Thomas Jefferson Georgetown
Penn State's tournament 1999 2000 State College Penn State
VCU tournament 2007 2007 Maggie Walker VCU
Southeast ACF Regionals 2008 2008 MLK
2010 ACF Fall 2010 2011 State College UVA
2011 Terrapin 2011 2011 State College Maryland
VCU Open 2011 2012 Bellarmine Stanford
2013 Missouri Open at Duke 2013-2014 Dorman Duke