2013 NSC

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Champion Ladue
Runner-up LASA A
Third Loyola
Fourth Dorman A
High scorer Max Schindler, Ladue
Editor/s PACE
Site Maryland
Field 72
Stats [1]

The 2013 NSC took place on June 8-9 at the University of Maryland, with 72 teams participating. Ladue defeated LASA A in a one-game final. Loyola Academy came in third and Dorman A came in fourth.

The process of selecting participants for the All-Star Game remained the same as last year, with the four top scorers of the prelims and the four non-overlapping top individual scorers on superplayoff teams participating (though Max Schindler left immediately after the final to catch a flight, so he was replaced with Raynor Kuang). The top two non-Max scorers (Dylan Minarik of Belvidere North and Siddhant Dogra of DCD) served as team captains in a playground-style draft. In the All-Star Game, the Boring Jerks (Dogra, Raynor Kuang of TJ A, Roger Cain of LASA A, Collin Parks of DCC A) defeated Dirty D and the Funky Bunch (Minarik, Morgan Venkus of Loyola, "Carson Davis" of "Robert E. Lee," Madhav Kumar of Dorman A).