Hoppes-Mikanowski limit

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The Hoppes-Mikanowski limit is broken when two players on the same team each score above 70 ppg in any format. It was first broken at the 2000 NAQT IFT at Yale, by its namesakes Jeff Hoppes and Jacob Mikanowski. (Stats from this performance are sadly lost to the sands of time.) Their accomplishment remained unmatched until the 2011 NAQT Illinois State Tournament, where Kevin Malis and Zach Blumenfeld of Stevenson. [1] became the second pair of players to do so.

Further investigation reveals that the stat in question may have been a pre-modern stat called PATH rather than PPG, and the original "limit" may not have been set at all; regardless, its power to inspire has remained.

Performances exceeding the Hoppes-Mikanowski limit

Middle and High School

College and Open

Near misses