Jaimie Carlson

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Jaimie Carlson
Noted subjects Literature, Art, General
Current college Retired
Past colleges University of Pennsylvania (2015-2019)
High school Wilmington Charter
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Jaimie Carlson is a roboticist who, when not programming hunter-killer drones for Amazon, plays quizbowl for the University of Pennsylvania. She previously captained a successful Wilmington Charter team.



Jaimie originally started as a literature player at Wilmington Charter, eventually rising to captain the team her senior year and leading them to a top-10 finish at 2014 PACE NSC.


After beginning a double major in biomedical engineering and computer science, Jaimie immediately made a splash with several high-scoring finishes on Penn B. In 2016, she was promoted to Penn A, where she was on a team that made top bracket at 2016 ICT and 2017 ACF Nationals. In 2018, she was a key element of the team that won 4th at 2018 ICT and 2nd at 2018 ACF Nationals.

Along with JinAh Kim, she forms one-half of the telepathically synchronized duo that Eric Mukherjee refers to as "J-squared".


Jaimie has contributed the plurality of questions to Penn Bowl in 2015, 2016, and 2017, particularly in the literature and arts categories, always completing her assignments weeks before anyone else. In 2021, Jaimie head-edited 2021 ACF Regionals while subject-editing American Literature, some of American History, Computer Science, and Other Academic.