Justin Bayer

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Justin Bayer
Noted subjects History, Math, Trash, General
Current college Truman State (2011-Present)
High school Oakville (2009-2011)

NAQT page

Justin Bayer is a junior and the current President of the Academic Competition Organization at Truman State University, succeeding Jared McNett in the Fall of 2012 after serving as the team's webmaster for the year before.

High School

Justin played for Oakville his junior and senior years of high school. He attended the 2011 NSC, where Oakville placed 58th.


2011-2012 Tournaments Played

  • Early Autumn Collegiate Novice at WUSTL[1]
  • Missiles of October at Rock Bridge HS[2]
  • 2011 ACF Fall at Truman State[3]

2012-2013 Tournaments Played

  • Early Autumn Collegiate Novice at Truman[4]
  • 2013 Division I SCT at Truman[5]
  • 2013 ACF Regionals at WUSTL[6]

2013-2014 Tournaments Played

Notable Finishes