2014 ACF Regionals

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ACF Regionals 2014 was held on the weekend of February 22, 2014, at nine regional sites throughout the United States and Canada. The Rice site was held on the weekend of March 1, 2014. This tournament was head-edited by Evan Adams, with assistance from Carsten Gehring, Matt Jackson, Will Nediger, Ashvin Srivatsa, and Adam Silverman.


Regional Host TD Winner Runner-Up Individual High Scorer Statistics
California UCSD Vicky Hwang UCSD Caltech A and Arcadia Auroni Gupta Stats
Pacific Northwest/Online Washington Mike Bentley Stanford Washington A Benji Nguyen Prelims Combined
South Western Kentucky Nick Conder Louisville A Alabama A Austin Brownlow All Games
Texas Rice Chris Romero LASA A St. John's Sam Blizzard All Games
Great Lakes Michigan Roxanne Ilagan Chicago A Illinois A Dylan Minarik Stats
Midwest Missouri Itamar Naveh-Benjamin WUSTL St. Charles CC Charles Hang All Stats
East Canada/Niagara Toronto Aaron Dos Remedios Waterloo A Ottawa Jay Misuk Prelims All Games
Mid-Atlantic Virginia Sarah Angelo Maryland A Maryland B Matt Weiner Prelims Playoffs
Northeast Yale Matt Jackson Penn A Harvard Eric Mukherjee Prelims Playoffs Combined
North Minnesota Carsten Gehring MCTC Minnesota A Rob Carson Stats

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