List of current good quizbowl status of all North American states, provinces, and territories

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The 2015 State of Quizbowl as determined by Chris Chiego and the folks in this thread.
many good tournaments every year
no known general quizbowl tournaments have ever been held. Some NHBB events in the past.
first-ever tournament held on NAQT at University of Alberta in 2011 and annually since
American Samoa
no known events have ever been held
many good tournaments every year, concentrated in the Phoenix area; some scattered bad quizbowl areas remain
controlled by Chip-affiliated coaches association and TV show; occasional pyramidal tournaments
British Columbia
no known high school events have ever been held except Reach for the Top. There used to be college teams at Simon Fraser and UBC but they did not host high school events. Interested high school teams could get to tournaments at the University of Washington fairly easily. There are plans to run a HS tournament with good questions in 2016 in Vancouver.
many good quizbowl tournaments every year in an increasing number of areas; very strong circuit developing in the Bay Area and Sacramento; San Diego circuit remains solid; Los Angeles and Orange County have tournaments but still not many teams; little to no activity in the Inland Empire and Central Valley
Widespread Knowledge Bowl circuit. Some NHBB activity. Colorado's first NAQT event was held in April 2015.
longstanding tournaments at Yale, EO Smith hosts a tournament every year. There is an NAQT state championship.
a few tournaments every year at UD and Wilmington Charter. Easy access to further events at Penn and in Maryland. Participation by non-Charter schools not as widespread as at the peak in the mid-2000s but on the upswing again.
somewhat high participation at tournaments in both northern (centered on Tallahassee and Pensacola) and southern circuits (Miami area) when they are held. Increasing number of NAQT events each year but little presence in Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa. Still mostly dominated by CAC.
many good tournaments every year both within and outside of the state GATA association
NHBB happens here. Major active school still plays Chip when they go to the mainland but may be ready for a change.
It's Academic TV show, NHBB events
NHBB and NAQT events organized by Colin McNamara through Boise State and Treasure Valley. Growing.
Huge number of tournaments, a good event every weekend of the school year, sometimes more than 1 in different areas of the state. Some bad quizbowl still exists, including the IHSA state series.
increasing number of good events / teams moving to real quizbowl and away from one of the last Chip bastions.
sporadic NAQT events. Used to be a slightly more active circuit that was hurt by the fading of the Iowa, ISU, Drake, and Grinnell college clubs. Could possibly be revived if a few people put in the effort, especially since bordering states are extremely active and could provide tournaments near the Iowa border or teams who wish to attend tournaments in Iowa.
KSHSAA is one of the most backwards governing bodies in any state; terrible state championship, season restricted to late October to mid-February, and restrictions on out-of-state participation (including at national championships) are probably not going away anytime soon. However, they do not bar hosting a good quizbowl event in Kansas. So far, a few NAQT sets have been run. Possible that support for a better system will arise at some point.
Many good quizbowl events every year. Still dominated by Quick Recall and some smaller Chip-ish formats
Some good quizbowl events organized through Tulane & other colleges; also a parallel universe Chip circuit. Growing number of tournaments in the New Orleans area and new circuit centered around Louisiana Tech in the northern half of the state
no known tournaments of any kind.
no known tournaments of any kind besides Reach for the Top.
many good events each year.
Teams can play a full schedule of events. Most teams are concentrated in Eastern MA. Colleges (MIT, Harvard, and Northeastern) and high schools (Lexington, AMSA) host tournaments. Proximity to Connecticut and even Vermont tournaments enable teams to compete there. Not really any "local format" outside of the speedcheck High School Quiz Show.
many good events each year. Many schools in the northern part of the state now actively involved.
many good events each year, but almost exclusively in the western Twin Cities suburbs. Outstate areas still dominated by Knowledge Bowl.
multiple large, terrible tournaments are run at Ole Miss every year as well as a bad-quizbowl TV tournament at Mississippi College. Mississippi State recently hosted a small NAQT tournament; small but growing number of high schools attend and a few (notably Murrah in Jackson) NAQT events now.
many good events every year. However, participation in grades 7-12 is governed by MSHSAA, which imposes restrictions on the length of the season, number and locations of tournaments, who can attend national tournaments, etc. As of the 2012-2013 season MSHSAA requires certain rules to be used at all tournaments, such as recognition by name after buzzing. The MSHSAA state series has used NAQT questions since 2011 but still includes bad quizbowl features like tons of computational math and single-elimination playoffs.
a few good events periodically hosted (NAQT). all interest in good quizbowl is student-driven so always at risk of blinking out as graduation occurs. There have never been any college teams in Montana so hard to establish continuity. There is a coach-organized Knowledge Bowl circuit in some parts of the state. Western areas could presumably send teams to Idaho tournaments, but most of this very large state is not near any existing good quizbowl circuit.
state-wide Academic Hallmarks supplies bad quizbowl, some Knowledge Bowl participation. Nebraska's first NAQT event was held in March 2015.
some Knowledge Bowl participation, "Varsity Quiz Bowl" exclusive to Clark County (Vegas area) and a local event "Academic Olympics" in the Reno area. NHBB has run successful events in Las Vegas area. Never had a good general tournament
New Brunswick
no known tournaments of any kind besides Reach for the Top. Kennebecasis Valley High School travels to some tournaments elsewhere
New Hampshire
most schools play NHQBL on bad questions. A few active schools compete at Vermont and/or Massachusetts tournaments. Only quizbowl entity right now is Dartmouth, who does not currently host a high school event.
New Jersey
many good tournaments each year; still a number of oddly popular "Jeopardy!"-style tournaments and Chip-ish leagues
New Mexico
has sporadically had NAQT and NHBB events. The Albuquerque regional events seem to have stop running in the past few years but are being revived in Spring 2016. Has/had an AUK circuit based in Las Cruces
New York
many good tournaments each year in both NYC and upstate regions.
Newfoundland and Labrador
no known tournaments of any kind besides Reach for the Top.
North Carolina
many good tournaments each year, but disproportionately concentrated on the area between Winston-Salem and the Triangle; needs to plant more good events in east and west of the state.
North Dakota
NHBB, some Knowledge Bowl. In fall 2012 there was an NAQT tournament. North Valley Career Tech hosted another tournament in spring 2016.
Northern Marianas Islands
NHBB only.
Northwest Territories
no known tournaments of any kind.
Nova Scotia
no known tournaments of any kind besides Reach for the Top.
no known tournaments of any kind.
many good tournaments each year.
several NAQT tournaments each year, though the state tournament runs on bizarre bad questions and there is still a large Chip presence. OU, OSU, and Tulsa teams seem to have become far less active in recent years, removing major hosts.
several NAQT and HSAPQ tournaments each year. Still working on converting more Reach for the Top teams but making progress.
ran first-ever good tournament in 2014. Local leagues in Medford use NAQT questions.
several good tournaments each year in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Lancaster areas. Sporadic Penn State or State College HS tournaments have existed in central PA. Still a few Chip pockets or places focused on the execrable Pennsylvania State Academic Competition. Could definitely support many more tournaments, and larger field sizes, based on population of state.
Prince Edward Island
no known tournaments of any kind besides Reach for the Top.
Puerto Rico
no known tournaments of any kind. Language barrier will prevent most good sets from being used, though there are some English-speaking schools.
Reach for the Top only. Sporadic attempts to run an NAQT or HSAPQ set at McGill for English-speaking schools in the greater Montreal area have not yet succeeded. Currently, no good quizbowl product is available in French.
Rhode Island
no tournaments have been hosted as yet. Teams can easily access several good tournaments in Connecticut or Massachusetts. Only quizbowl entity right now is Brown, who does not currently host a high school event.
no known tournaments of any kind besides Reach for the Top.
South Carolina
a few good tournaments are held at USC or Dorman. Formerly a much more active state, could become so again.
South Dakota
annual NAQT tournament at USF, sporadic Knowledge Bowl activity
several NAQT sets and the NAQT state tournament are run each year, and HSAPQ sets have been run at Vanderbilt in the past. Vanderbilt formerly hosted the largest high school tournament in the country. There are Knowledge Bowl pockets and issues in getting the west and east of the state together, but there is a long tradition of having at least some events and producing nationally contending teams that could be leveraged into creating more depth. TN teams can also go to tournaments in various bordering states.
many NAQT events run by TQBA each year. TQBA refuses to run non-NAQT sets in most cases. Still some small Chip circuits in Dallas and El Paso, but NAQT sets are also being run in those areas and the entire state ought to be switched over in the near future. Very deep participation in flagship TQBA tournaments with new schools coming in each year, and many national contenders being produced.
sporadic NAQT events in the past at Juan Diego Catholic. No current presence. Probably no tournaments of any kind, though Utah borders several Knowledge Bowl states so that may exist. BYU was once an extremely active college team (and as of 2014 is "semi-active") but there is currently no college presence in Utah or other potential source of continuity for a regularly scheduled tournament.
several NAQT events each year, longstanding good quizbowl tradition.
Virgin Islands
has a long-running Chip state championship and nothing else.
many good events each year, usually uses every NAQT, HSAPQ, and decent independent set either in the state or at tournaments in Maryland that many Virginia teams go to. About 290 of the 310 public schools in the state participate in the Scholastic Bowl program, which uses HSAPQ questions.
several good events hosted at UW every year. Knowledge Bowl predominates in other parts of the state.
Washington, D.C.
a few tournaments in the District every year, high participation in Virginia and Maryland events. Still a lot of IA-only schools. All current participation in invitationals is from private schools. Only 2 public schools (Wilson and Banneker) ever had active teams outside of IA. New HSAPQ state championship seeks to change this.
West Virginia
several good tournaments every year.
several good tournaments every year, hosted at UW-Madison and various high schools. Teams sometimes show up at NAC and HSNCT.
NHBB, Knowledge Bowl only.
no known tournaments.

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