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The Macomb Rotary Tournament is a longstanding tournament in Macomb, Illinois sponsored by the Rotary Club. There used to be a Streator Rotary Tournament as well that ran from 1964-2013 which started many years before the Macomb Rotary Tournament.


Year # of Teams Set Champion Second Third Fourth
2009 20 ???? Springfield Macomb A Quincy Macomb B
2010 24 ???? Macomb PORTA Glenwood Mendon Unity
2011 24 Bryce Avery Glenwood Macomb PORTA Moline
2012 24 RM/TP/B Macomb Glenwood PORTA Moline
2013 24 Maryland Spring Loyola Macomb A Glenwood Macomb B
2014 24 NAQT IS-133A Litchfield Springfield Moline Glenwood
2015 ?? NAQT IS-143A Macomb Glenwood A Springfield Glenwood B
2016 ?? NAQT IS-153A Glenwood Southwestern Macomb Springfield
2017 24 NAQT IS-163A Glenwood Southwestern Macomb Hannibal
2018 30 NAQT IS-173A Southwestern Macomb Williamsville Springfield
2019 24 NAQT IS-182A Springfield Athens Glenwood Macomb
2020 23 LOGIC Williamsville Springfield Macomb Southwestern
2022 20 NAQT IS-209A Springfield A Macomb Dunlap Southwestern A
2023 16 NAQT IS-218A Southwestern A Springfield A Dunlap A Macomb A

NOTE: The tournament started before 2009.