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Massachusetts is home to many high school and college quizbowl teams.

High School

High school quiz bowl clubs in Massachusetts began emerging in the 2000s. In 2006, Harvard began hosting the annual Harvard Fall Tournament, which was mostly fielded by out-of-state teams until recently. In 2012, MIT began hosting their own MIT Fall Tournament, in addition to the occasional MITBAT. The first high school teams to attend a national tournament were Lexington, Northampton, and Rockport, who attended the 2013 HSNCT. Multiple teams from Massachusetts have attended HSNCT every year since. Lexington finished tied for 5th at the 2016 HSNCT and AMSA won the 2016 SSNCT. Massachusetts also sent a team to the 2014 NASAT.

Massachusetts does not have a statewide quizbowl organization, which has made it difficult for newer clubs to get information and resources regarding the Northeast/New England circuit. Many Massachusetts teams have risen and fallen due to having a one-man team. Many teams also participate in the annual High School Quiz Show, hosted by Boston's PBS affiliate, WGBH.

Currently active clubs:


College quiz bowl clubs from Massachusetts have been active since the 1990s. Harvard won the 1995 ACF Nationals, the only national championship won by a Massachusetts team to date. Most college tournaments in the state, such as the NAQT SCT and ACF Fall, are hosted by Harvard or MIT, though this is not always the case. A mini-league of quizbowl clubs at NECSAC schools has been proposed, due to the difficulty of smaller organizations to compete against large, established ones.

Currently active clubs: