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Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA
Current President or Coach Eric Lu
National championships 1992 College Bowl
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The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a private university in Cambridge, MA. After a brief period of quizbowl success in the late 2000s (earning 2nd at 2008 ACF Regionals and 8th at the 2008 ACF Nationals) and a brief death thereafter, the club has revived and now attends many tournaments a year.


In the past, MIT hosted Beaver Bonspiel (which in 2008 was a mirror of Stanford's Cardinal Classic), and an annual IS set high school tournament, the MIT Beaver Academic Tournament. More recently, the club has branched out in its mirrors of various college tournaments, and revived MITBAT in 2012 with the addition of a new novice-friendly tournament for high schools in the Boston area, the MIT Fall Tournament.

Apparently, the 2008 CBI RCT for the Northeast ("Region 1") was hosted at MIT, though this happened without the club's knowledge. Noted Rhode Island powerhouse Providence College finished first.

Nationals Results

ACF Nationals Division I ICT Division II ICT
1997 A: 9th
B: 48th
2000 18th
2001 10th
2002 15th
2003 10th
2004 17th
2007 13th
2008 8th 5th
2009 8th 6th
2011 3rd
2012 32nd 5th
2013 34th 12th 7th
2014 10th 8th
2015 A: 7th
B: 22nd
8th 9th
2016 A: 7th
B: 17th
8th 4th
2017 A: 23rd
B: 32nd
2018 A: 27th
B: 37th
22nd 16th
2019 28th 9th
2021 16th 9th


Former Players

Succession of Titles

College Bowl Nationals Champion
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