Stephen Eltinge

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Stephen Eltinge
Past colleges MIT (2011–2015), Yale (2015–2021)
High school Thomas Jefferson (VA) (2008–2011)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Stephen Eltinge (pronounced /ˈɛl.tɪŋ/) played quizbowl at Thomas Jefferson (VA), MIT, and Yale. While at Yale, he played on teams that won the 2018 ICT and 2019 ICT.

Stephen wrote and edited for 2010 Fall Novice Tournament II, 2011 OLEFIN, 2013 ACF Fall, 2015 George Oppen, 2016 MYSTERIUM, 2017 SCT, 2018 ACF Regionals, 2021 ACF Regionals, 2022 ACF Nationals, and 2016–2021 BHSAT. He had smaller writing roles on various HSAPQ sets, the 2013–2015 NSCs, 2018 Chicago Open, and 2019 PIANO.

At MIT, his outreach work helped build the then-moribund Massachusetts high school quizbowl circuit. He directed the first annual MIT Fall Tournament, which included several new-to-quizbowl teams.

Stephen served as the Vice President of Technology of PACE from 2013–2015, and as the Communications Officer of ACF from 2014–2017.

Stephen is married to Olivia Murton.