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McGill University
McGill University Logo.png
Montreal, QC
Current President or Coach Sebastian Drake
National championships none

McGill University is an anglophone university in Montreal, Quebec. A trivia club was established in the 2002-03 season.


McGill's club was founded in 2003 by Andrew Segal and Jon Klein, two alumni of the Community Hebrew Academy of Toronto team that finished third in the 2002 Reach for the Top nationals. They have attended an NAQT SCT each year since, claiming the Division II title at the 2005 Canadian SCT at Ottawa. McGill has qualified for the 2005 ICT, 2006 ICT, 2007 ICT, and but attended only in 2005, 2006.

For several years, the team had no meeting room. Forced to play in the student bar, the public display has drawn several members, making it by far the largest team in Canada in terms of local membership. Through various factors, only a small portion of the group actually travels to tournaments.

In 2008-2012, McGill sent several teams each year to the Ottawa Hybrid Tournament and SCT, but never went to ICT or many other tournaments. The team was led by Hunter Book of Kellenberg during this era.


In 2013, Joe Su started convincing the team to go to more tournaments, especially local tournaments where McGill would do better than playing against a much stronger New England field. In Joe's first two years, McGill went to Ottawa Hybrid and mirrors of THUNDER, Delta Burke, Minnesota Open, MUT, MFT, Penn Bowl, SUBMIT, VCU Open, DISCO, and others. After being unable to attend 2013 SCT due to snow, in 2014, McGill won the Canadian Division II SCT, with Derek So as the tournament's highest scorer. At the 2014 ICT, a Division II team of Joe Su, Derek So, Sebastian Drake and Sam Baker finished third after losing to Northwestern in a winner-makes-finals game. McGill will continue to play in both Ontario and New England tournaments. During this era of McGill Quizbowl, Joe gets the team to go to tournaments, Sebastian does all the administrative and driving duties, and Derek does most of the scoring.

Current Players

  • Derek So, Grad student
  • Sam Baker, W 2015
  • Aidan Drake, W 2015
  • Joe Su, F 2015, but hopes to become an indefinite grad student
  • Sebastian Drake, F 2015, but will become an indefinite grad student
  • William Dou, 2017
  • Andreas Loken, 2018
  • Jeffery Liang, 2018

Hosted Tournaments

McGill hosted "Quebec Bowl" in October, 2005, consisting only of Ottawa and McGill teams. They hosted the 2006 NAQT Canadian SCT, which drew a larger field but was criticized for their ignorance of good quizbowl rules.

Attend Tournaments, 2012 onwards

  • 2012 New England SCT
  • 2012 New England ACF Regionals
  • 2012 Ottawa THUNDER Mirror
  • 2013 Ottawa Delta Burke Mirror
  • 2013 Ottawa Minnesota Open Mirror
  • 2013 Carleton MUT Mirror
  • 2013 Ottawa Hybrid
  • 2013 Waterloo Missouri Open Mirror, First Place
  • 2013 Carleton MFT Mirror
  • 2013 Ottawa Penn Bowl Mirror
  • 2014 Canadian SCT II, First place
  • 2014 Ottawa Hybrid
  • 2014 Carleton SUBMIT Mirror
  • 2014 ICT II, Third place
  • 2014 Waterloo VCU Open Mirror
  • 2014 Waterloo DUST Mirror, First Place
  • 2014 Waterloo DISCO Mirror
  • 2014 McMaster Penn Bowl Mirror, Second Place
  • 2014 Toronto PADAWAN Mirror
  • 2014 Waterloo DEES Mirror
  • 2015 ACF Regionals at McMaster, Second Place
  • 2015 Waterloo Oxford Open Mirror
  • 2015 Canadian SCT I and II, first place in both
  • 2015 ICT I and II