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McGill University
McGill University Logo.png
Montreal, QC
Current President or Coach Cormac Beirne
National championships No ICT or ACF Nats titles
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McGill University is an anglophone university in Montreal, Quebec. A trivia club was established in the 2002-03 season.


McGill's club was founded in 2003 by Andrew Segal and Jon Klein, two alumni of the Community Hebrew Academy of Toronto. McGill qualified for the 2005 ICT, 2006 ICT, 2007 ICT, and but attended only in 2005, 2006. From this time until 2014, the team had no meeting room and was forced to play in the student bar. From 2008-2012, Hunter Book annually led several McGill teams to the Ottawa Hybrid Tournament and SCT; however, the club did not attend any American championships.

After 2013, the McGill Trivia Club underwent several years of expansion, largely thanks to the administrative management of Joe Su. At the 2014 ICT, a Division II team of Joe Su, Derek So, Sebastian Drake and Sam Baker finished third after losing to Northwestern in a winner-makes-finals game. From 2016-2019, the team of Derek So, Daniel Lovsted, Akhil Garg, and Joe Su put up the best DI ICT (2017, 8th) and ACF Nationals (2019, 7th) finishes in school history and won most regional Canadian championships.

During the 2019 McGill mascot rebranding, the ICT team auctioned off naming rights for charity. The drive raised $850 for the Native Women's Shelter of Montreal, but a last minute push by rival Toronto caused the players to travel to Chicago with shirts emblazoned "Fartlets".

After hosting Quebec Bowl in 2005 and 2006 SCT, prohibitive room booking costs resulted in the club travelling to Ontario or the US for every tournament. McGill returned to hosting in the online era with 2020 ACF Fall. The school hosted its first in-person tournament in 17 years with 2023 ACF Regionals.

2022 Members

  • Cormac Beirne (President)
  • Nadia Dakdouki (VP Finance)
  • Francis Dinh (VP Internal)
  • Nicolas Edwards (VP External)
  • Jacob Van Oorschot (VP Training and Operations)
  • Kevin Fan
  • Russell Valerio
  • Catey Fifield
  • Minh-Tuan Phung

National Tournament Results

Tournament Placement Roster
2005 DII ICT 12th Jonathan Klein, Angus Cepka, Andrew Segal, John Dingle
2006 DI ICT 28th Jonathan Klein, Angus Cepka, Andrew Segal, John Dingle
2014 DII ICT 3rd Derek So, Samuel Baker, Joe Su, Sebastian Drake
2015 DI ICT 27th Derek So, Joe Su, Sebastian Drake, Stefanie Schoeneman
2015 DII ICT 18th Daniel Lovsted, Andreas Loken, Jeffrey Liang, Sacha Guilbaud
2015 ACF Nationals 22nd Derek So, Joe Su, Sebastian Drake
2016 DI ICT 17th Derek So, Daniel Lovsted, Joe Su, Sebastian Drake
2016 DII ICT 17th Gilbert Hsyu, Koji Shiromoto, Hugh Hamilton, Jack Guo
2016 ACF Nationals 24th Derek So, Joe Su, Sebastian Drake
2017 DI ICT 8th Derek So, Daniel Lovsted, Akhil Garg, Joe Su
2018 DI ICT 11th Derek So, Daniel Lovsted, Akhil Garg, Joe Su, Jack Guo
2018 DII ICT 14th Henry Atkins, Austen Friesacher, Nikko Ong
2018 ACF Nationals 18th Derek So, Daniel Lovsted, Akhil Garg, Joe Su
2019 DI ICT 15th Derek So, Daniel Lovsted, Akhil Garg, Joe Su
2019 ACF Nationals 7th Derek So, Daniel Lovsted, Akhil Garg, Joe Su
2022 DI ICT 30th Henry Atkins, Simone Valade, Nadia Dakdouki
2022 DII ICT 9th Cormac Beirne, Devan Greevy, Kais Jessa, Minh-Tuan Phung
2022 ACF Nationals 25th Henry Atkins, Kevin Fan, Cormac Beirne, Simone Valade
2023 ACF Nationals 27th Kevin Fan, Cormac Beirne, Jacob van Oorschot, Max Chemtov

Bolding denotes school-best finish for a tournament; italics denote individual all-star.