Mellon Bowl

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Mellon Bowl is a tournament hosted by Carnegie Mellon since 2003. It is run on NAQT Questions, usually in late October.


Detroit Catholic Central leads all schools in titles, with three. State College, Shady Side, and Alagar Homeschool have two each.

Mellon Bowl Champion Runner-Up Top Scorer Link
XV (2017) Alagar Homeschool State College A Walker Combs Results
XIV (2016) Alagar Homeschool Winchester Thurston A Rajan Alagar Results
XIII (2015) State College A Winchester Thurston Jack Chaillet, Winchester Thurston Results
XII (2014) State College A Hubbard Joseph Feffer, State College Results
XI (2013) Chartiers Valley Hubbard Eammon Bellin, Chartiers Valley Results
X (2012) Winchester Thurston South Range Nathaniel Brodsky, Winchester Thurston Results
IX (2011) Bridgeport South Range "Reinhard," Shady Side Results
VIII (2010) Solon Shady Side Nishanth Uli, Solon Results
VII (2009) Shady Side Keystone Oaks Patrick Brown, Shady Side Results
VI (2008) Stow-Munroe Falls North Allegheny Charlie Rosenthal, Shady Side Results
V (2007) North Allegheny Solon "Admiral", North Allegheny Results
IV (2007) Detroit Catholic Central St. Andrew's Eric, Detroit Catholic Central Results
III (2005) Shady Side North Allegheny Andy Watkins, Shadyside Results
II (2004) Detroit Catholic Central] Solon Joel Knight, Detroit Catholic Central Results (possibly incomplete)
I (2003) Detroit Catholic Central Unknown Unknown Website. Stats link is broken, but DCC apparently went undefeated.