Andy Watkins

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Andy Watkins
Noted Subjects:
Science, Cheating
Current Collegiate Team NYU (inactive)
Past Collegiate Teams Harvard (2008-2011)
High School Team Shady Side (2003-2007)
Middle School Team None

Cheats at quizbowl.

"Crazy" Andy Watkins played quizbowl for Harvard. He is known as a prolific question writer and poster on, and for writing really hard science questions. He was the leading scorer on the Harvard B/DII team at both the NAQT ICT and ACF Nationals in his freshman year. He was a member of PACE and chief editor of the 2011 NSC, and resigned from PACE alongside Trygve Meade following the logistical failures of that event.

Andy is married to Hannah Kirsch.

High School Career

Andy was on a Shady Side team that impressed many for its ambition when it attended the 2006 ECSO; this was before the time when elite high school players became regular attendees at college-level events.

Editing Career

Andy was a member of the editorial staff for the following tournaments:

In addition, Andy helped finish the chemistry for Lederberg (based on already-selected answers) and 2011 ACF Regionals.

Andy's science questions were known for being consistently too difficult for their intended audiences, despite a "philosophy of quizbowl" which would preclude overly-difficult questions.

Notable Tournaments