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The Minnesota Quiz Bowl Alliance (MQBA) was an organization that organized and promoted "good quiz bowl" competitions for high school and middle school students in Minnesota. MQBA generally ran tournaments on weekends and should not be confused with the Minnesota High School Quiz Bowl League, a league that runs on Thursday nights and uses a unique format.

MQBA events were run by Robert Hentzel until his retirement in 2022. Various schools and organizations, including the University of Minnesota and Play Quiz Bowl, now run events on an individual basis.

Tournaments and Invitationals

Events historically run by MQBA include:

Greatest Minnesota High School players

An unknown person using the alias "The Grand Inquisitor" posted this list on the forums in 2008. Although accurate at the time, it is now very out-of-date.

  1. Michael Wright
  2. Brendan Byrne
  3. Trevor Davis
  4. Sam Peterson
  5. Rob Carson
  6. Gautam Kandlikar
  7. Andrew Guyton
  8. Jack Boyle/Josh Mollner
  9. Igor Luzhansky
  10. Andrew Hart

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