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Prison Bowl is a series of annual winter/spring high school question sets produced largely by Hunter since 2008. They have generally been praised for their quality. Historically, many teams have traveled long distances to compete in the main tournament hosted at Hunter.

Its name derives from Hunter's nickname, "Brick Prison," since the fortress-like school building resembles a prison with sparse narrow windows.

Question sets

Prison Bowl I

2008 Prison Bowl was written by Hunter and North Kansas City, and head-edited by Guy Tabachnick and Charlie Dees.

Prison Bowl II

In 2009, Prison Bowl II was a collaboration between Hunter and Walter Johnson, head-edited by Guy Tabachnick and Daichi Ueda.

Prison Bowl III

Prison Bowl III was written entirely by Hunter, with some last-minute contributors. Its head-editor was then-sophomore Lily Chen.

Average tossup length came down to 5 lines for this iteration, a change which stayed in 2011.

Prison Bowl IV

Prison Bowl IV was a 15-packet set, this time written entirely by Hunter and again edited by Lily Chen.

Starting in 2017, the tossups are power-marked.

Main site results

Year # of teams Champion Second Third Fourth
2008 17 Stuyvesant A Gonzaga Bergen A Half Hollow Hills West A
2009 24 State College A Dorman Wilmington Charter A Stuyvesant A
2010 14 LASA St. Anselm's Dorman St. Joseph A
2011 19 Dorman Detroit Catholic Central St. Anselm's Georgetown Day School
2012 24 Georgetown Day School A Thomas Jefferson A Ardsley A St. Joseph B
2013 30 St. Joseph's A High Technology A High Technology B High Technology C
2014 36 Wilmington Charter A High Technology St. Joseph A Wilmington Charter B
2015 30 High Technology B Bethlehem Livingston A Bergen A
2016 29 Detroit Catholic Central Bergen East Brunswick West Egg A
2017 28 Jet Fuel Quiz Bowl But Every Time We Neg It Gets Faster West Egg A Darien A
2018 36 High Tech A Downingtown STEM Bard A Livingston A
2019 36 High Tech A Team An Won A Miami Valley Ithaca A
2020 22 Ridgewood A East Brunswick B Livingston Democritus A, Great Valley A
2022 24 Great Valley A Detroit Catholic Central J.P. Stevens Manheim Township A