Olivia Murton

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Olivia Murton
Past colleges MIT, Harvard
High school Thomas Jefferson (2007-2011)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Olivia Murton is a former player for Thomas Jefferson. She joined Caroline Mao in representing ACF at the Panel discussion on inclusion and racism in quizbowl and is currently Communications Officer for ACF.

Tournament Directing

Olivia directed many tournaments during her time at TJ. This continued into her undergraduate years at MIT, where she directed the MIT mirror of Penn-ance. She was also a frequent moderator for tournaments in the Northeast, which continued throughout her Ph.D. at Harvard and onward.


Olivia has served as a proofreader for many sets, including 2020 WORKSHOP, 2021 WORKSHOP, and 2022 WORKSHOP. Along with Wonyoung Jang and Kevin Wang, she was the co-head editor of WORKSHOP 2021. In 2022, Olivia reprised her role as WORKSHOP co-head editor, this time alongside Kevin Wang and Jordan Brownstein.