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The Categorical Imperative

Other academic refers to questions that don't strictly fit into one of the other categories of the distribution. The ACF distribution guidelines state that the category may include questions on "interdisciplinary common links, miscellaneous thought, science history, etc" [1]. Other academic questions may also ask about general knowledge topics. The NAQT distribution includes other academic content in its "Miscellaneous" category with "Mixed Pure Academic", "Mixed Impure Academic", and "Mixed or General Knowledge" subcategories [2]. The mixed impure academic category has been criticized by some for its inclusion of popular culture clues alongside academic clues.

Other academic is often paired in the distribution with separate "other" categories including geography, current events, and popular culture. In mACF sets, the other category altogether usually makes up no more than 1.5/1.5 of the standard 20/20 distribution. Other academic may or may not be split evenly with the other mentioned categories.