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The Categorical Imperative

RMP is an acronym that stands for Religion, Mythology, and Philosophy. Until 2018, these categories were grouped together in the ACF distribution and in the distributions of typical mACF events. Since 2018, it has become more common to divide RMPSS into Belief (encompassing Religion and Mythology) and Thought (encompassing Philosophy and Social Science).

An RMP subject tournament called RMPFest was produced in 2008 and 2009 by Bruce Arthur and others.

NAQT has separate categories called "philosophy" and "theology," and has both "mythology" and "religious literature" categories as parts of its literature distribution.

The question of what to do with topics on the borderline of religion and mythology, such as Hindu deities, is an ongoing discussion within quizbowl, as is how much space to give to RMP in ACF-format packets. Some tournaments have 2/2, some have 3/3, and some alternate 3/2 and 2/3 between RMP and arts.

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