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QBML is a tentative XML markup for creating easily-parsed packets. Although there is currently no consensus on what QBML should be, some progress towards a unified XML markup for quizbowl has been made by Jerry Vinokurov in the course of his development of QBDB, a searchable online packet database.

The Tags

The set of QBML tags used by Jerry is as follows:

  • <packet author="author" year=# tournament="Tournament Name"> - Encloses the entire packet
  • <tossups> - Encloses the tossups
  • <tossup> - The tag containing the tossup text
  • <answer> - The tag containing the answer text for both tossups and answer parts
  • <req> - This tag encloses the required part of the answer
  • <bonuses> - Encloses the bonuses
  • <bonus> - This tag encloses the entire bonus, but does not contain any text
  • <leadin> - Encloses the leadin
  • <part value=#> - This tag encloses the bonus part and the value attribute indicates how much the part is worth