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WikiProject Missing articles

Project Page—The goal of this project is to ensure that QBWiki has an article for every entry in several major categories. The percentages listed are the percent complete.
Teams: 64.6%
Players: 10.1%
Writers: ?%
Sets: 18.8%
Tournaments: 36.1%
Overall progress:

45.1% completed (estimate)


This is a list of players who have reached an arbitrary threshold of notability in quiz bowl (either through play, work for the game, or both) but lack articles.

All of these lists are woefully incomplete - what does exist was compiled from lists of players who have in-going links but no page and lists of attendants of various nationals (ACF Nationals, ICT, HSNCT, etc.).

Section Initial Remaining % completed updated
Total 99 89

10.1% completed (estimate)


This list was first assembled on October 12, 2021, at which point it had 82 entries and 74 red links.