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WikiProject Missing articles

Project Page—The goal of this project is to ensure that QBWiki has an article for every entry in several major categories. The percentages listed are the percent complete.
Teams: 64.6%
Players: 10.1%
Writers: ?%
Sets: 18.8%
Tournaments: 36.1%
Overall progress:

45.1% completed (estimate)


This is a list of sets which have been played (or announced) but lack articles.

The difference between a "set" and a "tournament" is minor to the point that many tournaments will find their way onto this list and vice-versa; this is especially true for non-national tournaments and housewrites. For the purposes of these lists, though, side events have been included under sets. Nevertheless, make sure to cross-reference with the other list when updating these statistics.

Section Initial Remaining % completed updated
College 43 32 25.58% October 12, 2021
High school 11 8 33.33% October 12, 2021
Middle school 1 1 0% October 12, 2021
Side events 62 54 12.90% October 12, 2021
Total 117 95

18.8% completed (estimate)


These lists were first assembled on October 12, 2021, at which point they had 117 entries and 95 red links.


High school

Middle school

Side events