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This page details the progress of the WikiProject Missing articles. It is intended to give a general overview of the contribution and progress of this project. While it is regularly updated, it may not be completely up to date. Check the individual project pages for a more accurate estimate of progress. Greyed-out projects have been completed.

Progress report

There are potentially overlaps (especially between the Players and Writers categories and the Sets and Tournaments).

Name Starting count Missing count Percent complete Date started Date finished
Teams 353 125 64.59% 2021-10-07 n/a
Players 3347 2762 17.48% 2021-10-07 n/a
Writers 231 230 0.43% 2021-10-07 n/a
Sets 980 840 14.29% 2021-10-07 n/a
Tournaments 678 597 11.95% 2021-10-07 n/a
Totals (includes duplicates) 5589 4554

18.5% completed (estimate)