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Queen's University
Kingston, ON
Current President or Coach Derek Hepburn
National championships none
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Queen's University is a university in Kingston, Ontario. A team was established for College Bowl in 1987, and the club has been on and off ever since, but currently has an active team.

At one point, Queen's was burdened by the high costs associated with College Bowl and travelling to the regional tournament. To fundraise, Gabe Desjardins managed to secure a 25-cent levy from every Queen's student's fees. With a student population of roughly 10,000, the Queen's College Bowl club was earning around $2500 a year just for renewing their status. Today, this money does not appear to be coming in.


Most team history is based on anecdotes by Bruce Lin, Bobby Hsu, and Radha Rajagopalan[1].


A team at Queen's was established for playing College Bowl. It was formed directly by the student federation, who apparently hand-picked players in an attempt to find Americans (assumedly for answering the American questions in College Bowl). An open club was established soon after, and regularly travelled to New York state for tournaments. The club went defunct after 1993 due to graduation and a lack of student government support.


A team was re-established for the 1995 season, consisting largely of Reach for the Top alumni. Funding was very high during this period (see introduction). The club continued to play College Bowl, but they began participating in ACF and other independent events. The club helped start the Canadian quizbowl circuit: Waterloo, UWO, Ottawa, and McMaster established teams during this time.


Queen's de-affiliated from College Bowl. The club was very active in early NAQT tournaments in Canada. Activity waned over this time, though a Division II team won at the 2006 Canadian SCT at McGill.


Jordan Palmer did a graduate program at Queens and did well at several SCTs and went to 2009 ICT.

Recent History

A contingent representing Queen's attended ACF Fall in November 2011 at McMaster University. The club also sent two teams to SCT 2012 Region 2 tournament held at the University of Toronto. Queens attended two tournaments in 2012-2013, but was not active in 2013-2014.

Current team

Current members

  • Robin Britton
  • Justin Yule
  • Ed Belk
  • Benjamin Bourne
  • Sean McPhail
  • Yingxi Liao
  • Julia Koinoff
  • Andrew Qi
  • Ezster Gereb
  • Ryan Inayeh
  • Zachary Moore
  • Christine O'Keefe
  • Kaleigh Martell
  • Jerry Xue
  • Britney Castleman
  • Guglielmo Saann
  • Will Sanna
  • Owen Kewell