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Toronto, ON
Current President or Coach Sky Li
National championships none
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The University of Toronto is a public university in Toronto, Ontario. It is the largest university in Canada by enrollment, and has nearly three times the number of postgraduate students as any other Ontario university. Toronto's quizbowl team has been active since the early 2000s and has generally competed with McGill for the Canadian ACF Regionals and Division I SCT championships. At the 2010 ICT, Toronto's A team finished 5th overall in the best performance of a Toronto team at either ACF Nationals or Division I ICT. The team has more recently seen success at Division II ICT, coming 4th in 2022, 5th in 2019 and 6th in 2018.


There was a semi-active club at St. Michael's College at U of T circa 2000. As Luke Chao wrote, upon not being able to find a Toronto club:

"I off-handedly lamented my condition on a web-based message board, and forgot about it quickly. A year and a half later, Adam Bishop from UWO read my post, e-mailed me, and told me that St. Mike's had a team. It was at the end of the school year then, but I e-mailed them and they said the club wasn't going to continue since the executives were all going to graduate."

The club was refounded in 2002 by Luke and Hamilton-area Reach for the Top acquaintances. They were joined by Rico Catibog, formerly of Waterloo, who brought with him buzzers and question packets, and Bobby Hsu, formerly of Queen's. Luke was succeeded by Jeremy Weiss, Eric Smith, and Jason Dickson.

In 2004 there was a separate club founded by Engineering students, but they do not seem to have attended any tournaments and no longer exist.

The club has expanded substantially in the years since the 2017-18 school year to become the largest in Canada and one of the largest of any university.


All SCT and ACF Regionals results are from the Canadian or Niagara sites of those tournaments unless otherwise noted. The list may be incomplete due to missing stats.

Year DI SCT DII SCT DI ICT DII ICT ACF Regionals ACF Nationals Notes
2001 3rd
2004 3rd 5th/12th
2005 2nd/6th Combined field for SCT
2007 1st 1st/5th/15th 22nd
2008 1st 1st/14th 20th 17nd
2009 1st/2nd 2nd 16th 3rd Chicago site of ACF Regionals
2010 1st/5th 5th 5th
2011 1st 16th 20th
2012 2st 1st 26th 15th
2013 4th 1st 17th 4th
2014 2nd 5th 6th
2015 4th 6th
2016 2nd 5th 29th 4th/12th
2017 1st/3rd 11th 1st/3rd/6th 15th/35th
2018 2nd 1st/3rd/5th 18th 6th 3rd/7th/8th 29th Toronto A autobid for ACF Nationals; two DII teams tied for 5th
2019 2nd/3rd/5th 1st/2nd/7th/8th 18th/20th 5th/15th 2nd/3rd/5th/7th/10th 23rd Toronto A autobid for ACF Nationals
2020 2nd/3rd 2nd/3rd/7th/9th 1st/2nd/3rd/10th/11th Toronto A autobid for ICT
2021 2nd/5th/6th SCT was not held
2022 2nd 1st/4th/9th 4th 1st/9th 27th
2023 1st/4th 2nd/5th/9th/10th/12th/18th 1st/2nd/5th Toronto A autobid for ICT

Current Members

Benjamin Chapman, Raymond Chen, Jamie Chow, Ian Chow, Sky Li (President 2022-23), Rein Otsason (President 2013-15), Martin Profant, David Snoddon, Gareth Thorlakson, Meghan Torchia (President 2015-18), Wenying Wu

(Membership list based on those who have held executive positions or have attended one of ICT or ACF Nationals.)

Former Members

Cooper Albertson-Webb, Peter Burton, Alex Darling, Wentao Cui, Jason Dickson, Jon English, Milan Fernández, Ryan Hamilton, Sam Hauer, Charlie Henderson, Qaasim Karim, Paul Kasiński (President 2018-19), Stephen Lalond, Josh Lane (President 2020-21), Jessica Li, Patrick Liao, Chris Lionel, Zhenglin Liu, Tim Mikkelson, Jay Misuk, Jordan Palmer, Jessica Pilkington, Michelle Prunier, Aayush Rajasekaran, Morgan Ring, Harry Rusnock, Chris Sims (President 2019-20), Eric Smith, Max Trower, Sinan Ulusoy, Simone Valade, Colin Veevers (President 2021-2022), Michael Wainberg (President 2012-13), Jeremy Weiss, Jonathan Whyte

(Membership list based on those who held executive positions or attended one of ICT or ACF Nationals.)

Other people affiliated with the club who often attend practices and staff tournaments include Aaron Dos Remedios, Rico Catibog (cookie provider and all-round nice guy), Leslie Newcombe, and Brian Luong.


The club can be contacted at The club's Facebook page is located at:


Stats from previous versions of this page that are likely not located elsewhere: