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A question set or packet set (or simply, "set") is a collection of all the question packets that are used for a tournament. In modern usage, "tournament" can also be used for this purpose. Most question sets are mirrored at multiple sites across the U.S., Canada, and (sometimes) the world.

"Packet" vs. "set"

A "packet" is a text document that contains the questions to be read during one round of quizbowl (usually 20 tossups and 20 bonuses). Traditionally this is a physical packet of stapled-together paper, but is now frequently a PDF or docx file.

A "set" is a collection of multiple packets (usually 12 to 14) that a tournament is run on. Not all packets in a set are necessarily read, as tournament schedules often require fewer rounds of gameplay than the total number of available packets.

Set production

See also: Writing and Editing

Question sets may be produced in various ways:

  • NAQT's writing team produces multiple sets each year, including several IS sets, the Division I and II SCT sets, and the sets for each NAQT nationals (ICT, HSNCT, etc.). PACE also writes its own question set for each year's PACE NSC. Additionally, bad quizbowl organizations like Questions Unlimited typically write their own questions, though they also tend to repeat questions from previous years.
  • In contrast, ACF compiles its yearly Fall, Regionals, and Nationals sets from teams' packet submissions, with the addition of a few editor-written packets to be used in the finals. Historically, many non-ACF college tournaments also used a packet-submission model, but its use is now limited to a handful of casual events like DECAMERON. Packet submission is also used by KSHSAA for its regional and state tournament sets.
  • Members of a particular school's team or club may produce house-written question sets such as HFT and Penn Bowl. Two or more schools may sometimes join forces, producing collaborative housewrites like WHAQ and RMBAT.

Unclear set content

No specific details about a set's question content may be discussed publicly until the set is cleared for discussion. Most non-NAQT sets that have been cleared are posted on