Shan Kothari

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Shan Kothari
Noted Subjects:
Music, Social Science, ecology, evolutionary biology "Shan stuff"
Current Collegiate Team Minnesota (2014–)
Past Collegiate Teams Michigan State (2011-2014)
High School Team Plymouth (2006-2010)
Stats n/a

Shan Kothari played for Plymouth and Michigan State before embarking on a PhD at the University of Minnesota.

Known for his extremely deep knowledge of music, world cultures, social sciences, and ecology/evolutionary biology, Shan has led Minnesota to high finishes including 4th place at the 2019 ICT and 3rd place at 2019 ACF Nationals. Along with Matt Bollinger, Matt Weiner, and Adam Silverman, he was on the team that won the 2018 Chicago Open.

He has made major contributions to numerous sets, including the 2012 MSU/Delaware high school housewrite, VCU Open 2014, DEES, MUT 2015 and 2016, Missouri Open 2015, the 2016 NSC, and 2018's PIANO/Minnesota Open.