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Pre-ICT and ACF Nationals Open/Minnesota Open
Competition season 2018-2019
Head editor(s) Jacob Reed
Difficulty Nationals-minus
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The Pre-ICT and ACF Nationals Open/Minnesota Open (PIANO/MO) was, as the name suggests, an open, pre-nationals set written by members of the Minnesota and Yale teams for Spring 2019. The tournament was head edited by Jacob Reed, with science editing from Adam Silverman and some philosophy and literature help from Joey Goldman and Will Holub-Moorman; the other writers were Sam Bailey, Michael Borecki, Stephen Eltinge, Adam S. Fine, Jason Golfinos, Matt Jackson, Wonyoung Jang, Michael Kearney, Moses Kitakule, Shan Kothari, John Marvin Sipp, and Derek So.

The set experimented slightly with the distribution, dividing 4/4 history into 1/1 each of American, European, and World, with a 1/1 distribution of (global) "Ancient history," archaeology, and "other". Partially following on 2016's MYSTERIUM, the 4/4 RMPSS distribution was reallocated to give 1/1 Philosophy, 1/1 Economics and Psychology, 1/1 Religious texts, myths, and legends, and 1/1 Other religion and other social science.

The set was largely very well-received, especially Adam Silverman's science, which was hailed as some of the best ever written. Most divisive were the sometimes offbeat topic selection (due especially to writers like John Marvin, Jacob Reed, and Derek So), including numerous questions straddling multiple distributions. The remaining criticism was directed at the set's difficulty, which was misleadingly advertised as somewhat easier than ACF Nationals; on the whole, the set turned out to be almost exactly the same difficulty as the 2018 ACF Nationals.

Region Host TD Winner Runner-Up Individual High Scorer Stats
Canada Toronto Paul Kasiński Toronto A McGill Rein Otsason (Toronto A) Stats
Mid-Atlantic Johns Hopkins Leland Held Chicago A "More Ravioli" Jordan Brownstein ("More Ravioli") Stats
Upper Midwest (Minnesota Open) Minnesota Shan Kothari "hamburger university lab school" BHSU A Will Nediger ("hamburger university lab school") Stats
Lower Midwest Ohio State Chris Ray Columbia Michigan State Jakob Myers (Michigan State) Stats
Northeast Yale Michael Kearney Rutgers Harvard Kevin Wang ("That d---ed Aremihc") Stats
Southeast Georgia Tech Justin Htay "Dinosaurific" Florida A Mike Sorice ("Dinosaurific") Stats
UK Oxford George Charlson "Memphis Quizzlies" Oxford Joseph Krol (Cambridge) Stats
West Coast Stanford Jennie Yang Berkeley A "stephen sux" Natan Holtzman (Stanford) Stats
Online [Discord] Jason Golfinos "Team 4" Berus–Lie Bleen Hari Parameswaran (Berus–Lie Bleen) Stats