2001 HSNCT

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Champion Detroit Catholic Central
Runner-up Detroit Country Day
Third State College
Fourth Riverdale
High scorer Jonathan Hess, Irmo
Editor/s NAQT
Site Michigan
Field 40
Stats [1]

The 2001 High School National Championship was won by Detroit Catholic Central, consisting of Josh Crawford, Joe Galea, Jason Gehan, Chris Hammer , John Schultz, and Jeff Shattock. The tournament was held at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

This would be the last HSNCT until 2014 in which there was no "small school champion".


Initially, the field was divided into two arbitrary divisions, each team played eight matches against randomly assigned opponents within their divisions. Teams were ranked within each division, and the top 6 by record in each division moved on to the playoffs. Ties to join the playoff bracket were broken by a series of 8-tossup mini-games.

Teams that did not make the playoffs played two additional matches within a bracket of four teams for final placement (e.g. the seventh place team in each division played the eighth place team in the other division, and the winners of those games played each other for 13th place while the losers played for 15th).

The top 12 were split into two brackets of six, with the first, third, and fifth seeds in one division joining the second, fourth, and sixth seeds in another division. Seeding ties were likely broken by points per game. Each bracket played a full round robin with two games on Saturday (corresponding to the two additional placement matches by the non-playoff teams) and three on Sunday. The bottom three teams in each bracket were eliminated from contention and played their corresponding team in the other bracket for final placement (e.g. the last place team in each bracket played a single game for 11th place). The top three teams in each bracket played three additional matches against the top three teams in the other bracket, and final placement was determined by overall record in the eight playoff matches. At 7-1, Detroit Catholic Central cleared the field, while State College and Detroit Country Day both finished 6-2 and played a one-game tiebreaker for the right to face Catholic Central in the final.

Tournament results

Detroit Catholic Central beat Detroit Country Day in the second game of an advantaged final to win the tournament (340-390, 410-245). State College "A" was eligible for the final, but lost a tiebreaker game to finish in third place.

Final placing of the 12 playoff teams:

Rank Team Rank Team
1. Detroit Catholic Central 7. Plymouth Salem
2. Detroit Country Day 8. Livonia Churchill
3. State College "A" 9. Edmond Memorial
4. Riverdale 10. St. John's
5t. Capistrano Valley 11. State College "B"
5t. Brookwood 12. Troy


There were five individuals named as All-Stars based on PP20TH over the first 8 rounds of the tournament. The statistics listed are based on overall scoring.:

PP20TUH Team Statline
Patrick Riser Riverdale 30-115-44-68.32
Jonathan Hess Irmo 13-80-10-76.83
Martin Devecka State College 43-98-32-73.62
Ian Campbell Hancock 9-70-24-59.83
Matt Lafer Plymouth Salem 13-84-15-56.47

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