Steven Canning

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Steven Canning
Noted subjects Math, Physics
Past colleges Illinois (2004-2010), University of Washington (2014-2017)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Steven Canning was a player for Washington and University of Illinois, where he studied mathematics and physics. He was the president of the Illinois Academic Buzzer Team.


Steven played alongside Kelly Tourdot at the 2005 ICT on the 25th place Illinois B. They both joined Mike Sorice and Donald Taylor as part of Illinois A at ACF Nats, which placed 5th.

He continued to play alongside Mike on the Illinois A teams which placed 2nd at the 2007 ICT, 3rd at the 2008 ICT, and 4th at the 2008 ACF Nationals.

After enrolling in grad school at Washington, Steven played alongside Alejandro Lopez-Lago on the teams that placed t-27 at 2015 ACF Nationals and 26th at the 2017 ICT.