Travis Vitello

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Travis Vitello
Noted subjects General
Current college none
Past colleges Florida (2004 - 2009), Ohio State (2011 - 2014), UCF (2015 - 2016)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Travis Vitello is an engineering graduate of UF and Ohio State. After a year at UCF, he postponed his graduate studies due to conflicts with his work schedule.

In 2011 while remotely attending Ohio State, he won that year's iteration of ACF Fall at Boise State playing solo.

In Fall 2019, he enrolled in a Data Science graduate program at Virginia from which he graduated in Spring 2021. He now lives just outside Charlotte, NC.

Travis formerly served as a writer for NAQT.

Along with Erik Nelson and Danny Vopava, Travis co-wrote Super ACRONYM and Super ACRONYM 2.